So, why firewalk…?

Well……. When faced with the prospect of walking barefoot over 800c burning coals, the question uppermost in people’s minds is probably “Why on earth would I even think of doing that…?” However, the answer is, in fact, very simple….. Because we can…..

Across the globe, tribes and cultures and religions have been walking through fire since time began. To test, to heal, to prove, to question….its rite of passage has played an intrinsic part in history throughout the world.

And yet despite this history, despite modern physics explaining the logic of how it’s even possible to do so without sustaining injury, such an act goes against every survival instinct we possess. In its very essence fire evokes fear, our most primal of emotions. And the most primitive of human reactions, to want to run.

These instincts are as much a part of us as our fingerprints, they kept us alive when dinosaurs ruled the earth, they take over when our lives are under threat.

But they can also paralyse us and hold us back, and stop us from doing things we really want to do. We don’t know why we’re scared, we just know we are. So we don’t move on, we don’t move forward. We don’t become the person we’d like to be…the person we know we should be able to be…if only we could just………..

But what if we could stop being scared? What if we could prove to ourselves that we can overcome our most primal of emotions? By doing something that we never dreamed we could? Surely once we’ve done that, nothing would stand in our way. After all, what would be left to be scared of then…?