This October will see Swindon’s first open charity firewalk event, organised by ANYTHING is Possible, under the watchful eye of Cliff Mann, of Time 4 Change.

So what do we mean by an ‘open event’? Well we firmly believe that everybody has a cause that’s close to their heart, but those causes are rarely the same for everyone.

So, in taking part in the event, you are free to represent whichever causes or charity you wish to help. From search and rescue in the Hebrides to Cornish Seals, from your local church roof appeal to Cancer Research UK, from life saving treatment to granting a dying wish….. Be it local or national, big or small, if it means something to you, and you’re willing to walk through fire to make it happen, then we’d love to help you help them!

We also believe that in the economic climate we face today, any charity should be thankful for donations, no matter how big or small a sum is raised. So, on registering, a one-off donation of £50 per person covers your Participation Fee. That leaves you to raise sponsorship for your individual cause, however you wish, safe in the knowledge that every single penny will go to them, while your £50 will cover the cost of the event and contribute to our own work in Swindon.

 As this will be our first fundraising event, it’s impossible to predict how much money will be raised. Therefore rather than commit to promises we can’t keep, we’re going to wait until we do know, and then decide how best to put those funds to use within the town. So if you’re aware of a community group, or project in need of support, please do let us know so we’re aware of them when that time comes!

Throughout these pages you should find everything you’ll want to know, about firewalking itself, the event, and about Cliff Mann. But if there’s anything else you’d like to ask that we haven’t covered, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions (see our contact details for how to reach us). And finally, below, you’ll see all the amazing companies and people who’ve helped support the event, by donating their time, their services, or their funds. Please do take the time to look around their page and appreciate the help they’ve given us in making this event possible.