Welcome to the home of ANYTHING is Possible, a charity regulated by The Charity Commission for England and Wales (1169356).

ANYTHING is Possible has been born from the desire to make a real difference. Directly, to those most in need of help within Swindon’s immediate and outlying communities. But also, through the nature of its open fundraising events, to the lives of people in every corner of the country, from every background and walk of life. And all this will be achieved whilst giving something back to everyone involved as well.

In these times of increasing cuts in statutory funding, there is very little left for non-essentials, and it has long been the case that these shortfalls are met by the goodwill and generosity of the general public. However, with everybody’s purse strings growing tighter, resources are more stretched than ever, and many who would like to ‘just give’ are increasingly unable to do so.

So it’s no accident that we’ve chosen fire and glass walking as the platform around which to structure our fundraising. Overcoming fear and creating self belief can be the most powerful tools anyone can acquire. And whilst participating in these events that will help so many, it’s our hope that those involved will experience something very personal, that will stay with them for the rest of their lives….